Herons Glen

Located in North Fort Myers, Florida

Golf and Country Club

Fitness Center

Fitness Center Update


FGUA has assigned another Project Coordinator for our project. Our current coordinator will no longer be working at FGUA after next Tuesday.  Maastricht Engineering feels that we will be receiving additional cooperation moving forward.  The architect and engineer are completing the appropriate documentation to meet the requirements of FGUA laid out by their Capital Program Manager.

In the meantime, WPM will be on-site Monday to complete as much site-work as they can while we wait for authorization to cut and reconnect the pipes.  A comprehensive punch list will be developed by the project manger for GATES to review. 

Again, while we are unhappy with the delay, the design team, building committee and management are all working as hard as the local agencies will allow us to in order to complete the Fitness Center, but we feel as though we are closer to obtaining authorization.  I will report more information as it becomes available.

Thank you,
J.B. Belknap, General Manager


*Note: This schedule is subject to change.