Herons Glen

Located in North Fort Myers, Florida

Golf and Country Club

Fitness Center

Fitness Center Update


This morning Gates Superintendent, Mike Aiello and I met with representatives of FGUA regarding the pipe relocation. FGUA (Florida Government Utility Agency) is the agency that controls water and waste water to our community. They are working diligently with our engineer and architect to obtain authorization to move forward. I expressed to them again that the Herons Glen residents are looking forward to the completion of the fitness center and anything FGUA can do to expedite the process would be greatly appreciated.
Week of August 19th & 26th 
  • Continuation of electrical equipment trim out; Fire alarm devices and panel.
  • Installation of bath accessories and partitions underway to be complete this week.
  • This week and next to complete all base trim installation in preparation for Marco Glass to measure for mirrors.
  • WPM to continue with curb, gutter, site concrete, grading, lift station connections, remaining underground utility work and site clean up the week of August 26th. Base paving anticipated for the week of September 2nd.
  • Automatic door activation, Marco glass to be on site early next week to measure for mirrors and complete all door as well as hardware installation and adjustments.
  • Noel Painting to be on site to final paint the week of August 26th.  Cupula louvers will be painted while on site.
  • Gates superintendent, Mike Aiello will request a courtesy building inspection and walk through the week of August 26th.
Pending Transformer installation by LCEC / WPM site work
  • Lift station start up; WPM on site this week installing control gear.
  • American Survey to be onsite this Monday to recheck/confirm stake out prior to setting up for curb.
  • Curb stake out was completed on August 12th.  WPM to commence with curb, grading and site concrete preparations on August 20th.  Electrician and irrigation contractor to put sleeves for site lighting as well as irrigation system sleeves in place by weeks end. Rain has impacted schedule however no delays in this work have been requested.
  • LCEC is ready to move forward with permeant power installation once Tier completes CT cabinet and ground work at transformer pad. Should be complete this week.
  • Tier installing CT cabinet by early this week and to confirm with LCEC inspection for release of permanent power installation. Anticipated for the week of September 2nd.
Pending Pipe Relocation by WPM
  • Once all permitting issues are resolved and approved for connections to be made: Piping backfill; sub grade curbing; asphalt & signage; site inspections; C.O.

Various photos and videos are being posted to the website as well as linked to the Fitness Center Updates in order to improve our messaging to residents.

Thank you,
J.B. Belknap, General Manager


*Note: This schedule is subject to change.